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Why Radio Still Becomes the Favorite Choice

Radio is one voice a million ears. It seems that this sentence is indeed very suitable for representing one of the contemporary media, which is still existing in these days. So, what does make you decide to use the best portable radio? Do you still want to benefit from the radio but with something different when it comes to the term of radio?

Previously, radio was only used as a medium for distributing news or news from the government. Even the news about the ‘collapse’ of the Japanese state by its allies, was known by people through radio broadcasts at that time.

However, as time went on, the radio was flapping its wings until now. What’s even better, now you don’t need to carry physical radio everywhere. Just use the smartphone you have, you can directly stream your favorite radio!

Not only information or news that is broadcast. The radio is now also used as an entertainment media, information media and of course media that educates listeners in Indonesia. Are you one of the radio broadcast lovers? If so, here are 6 reasons that make radio still loved today!

The information is always updated

By listening to the radio, you can get updated news every hour. Ranging from traffic news, your entertainment artist news, to updated news about what’s happening in Indonesia. All the information you can get by listening, so you can still focus on doing your activities without looking away.

Not only that, the news that was delivered was packed with attractive “packaging” and very cool broadcasters. So the sensation will certainly be different if you read the news in the newspaper or watch it on television.

The playlist that is not boring

Bored and dead style fitting jammed on the road? Just calm down, it won’t happen if you drive while listening to the radio. Why? Because the songs uploaded on the radio are always updated, even more, updated than USB or cassette CDs that you have in the car, you know.

Not only that, but you also don’t need to compile a playlist of songs that you want to listen to. Because the radio will be happy to play your favorite song. Don’t like one radio playlist? It’s easy, you just change the frequency and voila! Meet you, the song you like.

The announcer can make your day more cheerful

Exciting and cool broadcasters, adding to the added value of listening to the radio. What is not? Not only are you offered good songs, you as a listener will also be entertained by the behavior of the broadcasters