The Wild West Goes Underground

For some unexplained reason, we get occasional e-mails from PR people trying to pitch us something. While we should be flattered that someone actually thinks we have some sort of cultural pull, usually we just erase the e-mails and never respond. This one, though, is actually kind of fun.

HBO teamed up with the MTA to promote the release of the first season of Deadwood on DVD, and the results are this subway car that hit the tracks on Monday night, gussied up to look like a gold rush-era wagon or saloon or something. Note the "wood paneling" and seats:

The PR dude called this "the most intricate job the MTA has ever executed," clearly overlooking the far more intricate way in which the MTA conned the city into allowing a fair hike by fraudulently submitting fake accounting books that showed a huge budgetary shortfall, while hiding the real books with the actual correct figures. Surely beats some wrapping paper over some walls and seats, no?

Still, though, that's not to say this promotion isn't cool or anything. Just take a look at this:

You're telling me you wouldn't shit your pants a little if you looked up from your paper on the way to work at 8 a.m. and you thought Ian McShane was coming at you to call you a cocksucker 1,000 times before ordering one of his henchmen to slit your throat and turn you into lunch for Mr. Wu's pigs? Even though the illusion is sort of ruined by the adjacent poster, it's still kind of terrifying.

Trouble in Paradise

Indie 103.1fm, a popular station in LA that alleviates Kroq's usual suckyness, is unfortunately experiencing some hardship due to its relationship with the Evil Empire (aka Clear Channel). Though Indie is owned by the Entravision Communications Corp, they do have a joint sales agreement with Clear Channel that allows the conglomerate to work out its advertising. The FCC recently hit back saying Indie constitutes as Clear Channel's 9th station in Los Angeles, which is a no-no, since you are legally only allowed to own eight in one city. In response, Clear Channel says it will break bonds with the popular LA station on April 1st to alleviate this violation, leaving people to speculate on Indie 103's future. The LA Times reports:

Jeff Pollack, a radio consultant, said the industry chatter was that programming on Indie 103.1 would probably be rejiggered and geared toward one of the L.A. area's myriad ethnic communities. But there has been speculation that the station's bond with a valuable listener niche might make it a natural to move to satellite.

But Dicky Barrett just started his morning show! And did anyone really know how good of a whistler Steve Jones is until he started his own version of "Name That Tune" showcasing his skills on his show? And lest we not forget the magic that is Camp Freddy radio, heard every Saturday night. See we need Indie because without it we would actually have to listen to these people's bands instead of hear them playing other people's music on the radio. (ed note: Steve Jones' previous band is excluded from that statement.)